23 min, 2020

Anna and Lenny are on the road.
They know only where they came from,
but not where they're going.

Won the ‘Outstanding Film Award’ at the Minshar Graduation Ceremony.

You_and_I (1).jpg

15 min, 2019

Two 10-year-old girls are trying to relieve the boredom of Shabbat in the religious town they live in.

And then comes the darkness.


SLAMDANCE film festival, 2020 (World premiere)

Pendance FilmFestival, 2020

17 min, 2017


15 min, 2018


While Tel Aviv comes under missile attack,

Shira's pregnancy test comes up positive.


Rome Independent Film Festival 2018

San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2018 
London Discover Film Awards 2018  
SHORT to the Point 2019 
Moscow Shorts ISFF 2019
Dumbo FF NYC 2019


You can watch the film here


17min, 2017

Micki, a perfectionistic and ambitious film student, received an assignment - to create a documentary film for school. Determined to create an original and moving piece, she decides to draw on her own life.


NewFilmmakers LA, 2018
RGU FilmFestival, Scotland 2018  
Chelkinofest, Russia 2018 
LongShort Film Festival, Israel 2018


Screenwriter,  Director, and​ Editor. 

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.


2015 - 2020 Graduated From Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Her Final Short Film - “You and I”

Won the ‘Outstanding Film Award’ at the Minshar Graduation Ceremony.

Currently working on a short documentary - "Mom's men"

and on a long version of "You and I".

As an editor – won the "Best Editing Award" at the Tel-Aviv Student's film festival 2019 for 'Girl With a Fork in a World of Soup' directed by Yotam Knispel.

(Best short Jerusalem film festival 2018,

Shortlisted for the Israeli Oscars "Ophir award" 2019)

Former Actress and Improviser.

+972 543118211
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